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Elizabeth Valley Farm

The vendor has successfully obtained a development permit to subdivide the farm land into 100 4000m2 lots being Stage 1 of our overall plan whilst a further 78 lots form Stage 2 and will be developed at a later stage.

The property is situated on the Stuart Highway at Noonamah with a boundary extending down to Elizabeth Valley Road. There is a total land area of 507 acres or 205.10 hectares and has a mixed zone of RR (Rural Residential) and RL (Rural Living).

The property is located 44 kms from Darwin CBD and is only a 30 minute drive by car from the Darwin CBD via Tiger Brennan Drive and the Stuart Highway. The property offers easy access  to the now very well established and popular Coolalinga Commercial precinct only 15kms north of the property.

The opportunities are plentiful. The property has some of the best pastures in the area and could easily be continued for livestock agistment, cropping or as a cattle depot.  It has the zoning to allow rural residential sub-division..

As a result of significant capital investment, most notably through the recent circa $50 billion INPEX and Totale LNG (Liquified natural Gas) project, combined with the anticipated return to strong population growth, it's proximity to Asia, the financial benefits associated with a strong military presence and robust tourism industry, Darwin is considered one of the most attractive property investment markets in Australia

Key Investment Highlights


Sensational and unique location in the rural area of Darwin situated on the corner of the Stuart Highway and Elizabeth Valley Road, Noonamah.


Land area of 507 acres of  205.10 hectares


150.1 hectares of the land is zoned as Rural Residential allowing for sub-division into 4000m2  lots and 55 hectares is zoned Rural Living.


This plan released in 2016 would allow a more intense subdivision of the property (subject to planning approvals).


A property with rich pastures that could easily continue to be used for cattle agistment, cropping or cattle depot while preserving the future development opportunities.


The next city planned for the 'Top End' is Weddell and this property is classified as East Weddell.


There has been very few recent land releases in the rural area and this property is poised to take advantage of the growing future demand.


The property market in the outer areas of Darwin is going to undergo enormous change in the coming years as the economy rebounds and the market continues to improve. The Litchfield Shire and the adjacent city of Palmerston are identified as the major growth areas of the future and now is a perfect time to secure investment in this market.


Darwin is attracting considerable investment interest. The INPEX oil and gas project is now transitioning to the operation phase as production is soon to commence. The continued build of Australian and American Defence personnel and facilities will continue to feed into the economy in coming years.


The moratorium has now been lifted by the Northern Territory Government allowing on-shore exploration which will be a huge benefit  for the Northern Territory and will drive investment in the immediate future.

Darwin is considered one of the most attractive property investment markets in Australia.

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