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The opportunities for Elizabeth Valley Farm as we see it are:

•   A developer looking to land bank the site.

•   A party looking to continue using the land as a cattle depot while reserving the future development and sub-division opportunities. 

•   A lifestyle block suitable for a family seeking country living with the ability to subdivide in the future.


Our vendors are very commercial and are prepared to look at a number of scenarios.

•   Sell the property and the two parcels of land in their entirety.

•   Sub-divide off the house and a block of land with a land area of approximately 2.5 hectares and retain as their personal residence and sell the remaining land. 

Commercial terms owners are prepared to consider:

•   Sale at an agreed price and settlement terms to be negotiated. 

•   Sale at an agreed price in exchange for cash and exchange for an income producing commercial asset. Price and terms to be agreed. 

Vendor finance is available to an approved buyer on payment of a substantial deposit with interest at a competitive rate payable monthly over a period of time to be agreed upon.

The vendor has successfully obtained a development permit to subdivide the farm land into 100 4000m2 lots being Stage 1 of our overall plan whilst a further 78 lots form Stage 2 and will be developed at a later stage.

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